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Marcel's Beauty Insitiute Cosmetology Program is designed to give our students the best education and experience around. We pride ourselves in equipping you with the skills to win as a professional Cosmetologist. Our training includes the practice of bleaching, cleansing, curling, cutting, coloring, dressing, removing, singeing, styling, waving, or similar work, upon the hair of any person by any means, and with hands or mechanical or electrical apparatus or appliances. Non-permanent removal of hair services may be performed with these devices as long as there is no puncturing of the skin, or by the use of cosmetic preparations, antiseptics, tonics, lotions, or creams, massaging, cleansing, stimulating, exercising, beautifying, or similar work, the scalp, face, neck, arms, or upper part of the body, or manicuring the nails of any person

MBI prepares its students to enter into the cosmetology field as a Stlyist,Beauty Culturist, Beauty Operator, Cosmetologist.

Our cosmetology program incorporates 1,000 hours of widespread hands-on training that will provide you with the understanding to be a manager or the owner of a salon. Students will have a complete understanding of beauty & wellness. Upon completion, you will be ready to succeed as a licensed cosmetologist and an entrepreneur in the beauty industry.

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